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Trading and Investing

Get all the information you need about investing with Zooe, Copytrader, and more.

1. Market Orders – Orders executed at the current market price.

2. Buy Limit – Orders set to execute at a specific price or better.

3. Buy Stop – Used to automatically close positions when the market price reaches the preset stop-loss level.

Stop loss and take profit orders are essential risk management tools used by traders to protect their investments and lock in profits.
Stop Loss Orders help limit potential losses by automatically closing a trade at a predetermined price less favorable than the current market price if the market moves against your position.
Take Profit Orders work similarly but on the opposite end of the spectrum. They automatically close a trade when the price reaches a predetermined level more favorable than the current market price, securing your profits.
Process Flow:
1. Access Trade Setup – When setting up a trade, find the options for stop loss and take profit.
2. Set Parameters – Determine your desired levels for both stop loss and take profit.
3. Apply Settings – Confirm these settings before executing the trade.

Process Flow:
1. Navigate to Copy Trading Section – In the app, go to the “Discover” section to kickstart copy trading.
2. Explore Traders – Browse through the list of available traders to follow.
3. Select a Trader – Choose a trader based on their trading style, performance, and risk profile.
Please note, the decision to follow any trader should be based on thorough personal research and risk assessment. The market is risky, and investments should be made with caution.

Copy trading allows you to diversify your investment portfolio by allocating a portion of your funds to automatically copy the movements of other investors as they invest in different assets across the platform.

You don’t need to make active trading decisions or conduct in-depth market analysis when copy trading. You rely instead on the strategies and insight of more experienced traders.

Like any financial investment, copy trading involves its own risks. The funds you invest are subject to automated trading execution, so your success in copy trading depends entirely on the performance of the traders you copy. Like any investment, you are fully responsible for any losses sustained.

Researching an individual’s strategy, risk profile, and whether it suits your needs is crucial before investing. We provide information to help you understand investors, such as performance history and other statistics. However, past performance does not guarantee future results.

On the Zooe platform, copy trading offers two types of execution strategies, adding flexibility to your investment decisions. You can opt for “By Forward” to execute trades identical to the signal source, known as “direct copy trading.” This means your trades will directly replicate the buy and sell actions of the signal source.
Alternatively, you can choose “By Reverse,” which involves executing trades opposite to the signal source. This is suitable if you believe the signal source’s judgment direction matches the potential opposite movement of the market.
The choice of copy trading method depends entirely on your investment judgment and strategy needs. Note that, like any financial investment, copy trading carries its own risks. You are fully responsible for any losses incurred.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Manage payments into and out of your Zooe account.

At Zooe, we strive to make financial trading accessible to everyone. That’s why we’ve set a minimum deposit amount of just $20 USD. This low entry barrier opens up a world of trading opportunities for small-scale traders, offering more choices to those starting with modest funds. Whether you’re new to trading or looking to test new strategies without significant investment, our $20 minimum deposit ensures that financial markets are accessible to traders of all levels.

Variety of Options – Zooe app supports multiple payment methods including bank transfers, credit/debit cards, and various e-wallets.
Choosing Method – Select the most convenient and accessible method for you.

Processing Time – Deposits are usually processed instantly or within a few hours, depending on the chosen method.
Fees – Zooe app may charge a minimal fee or none at all, depending on the payment method and amount.

Process Flow:Navigate to Withdrawal Section – After logging in, locate the “My Assets” option.
Request Withdrawal – Enter the amount you wish to withdraw and choose your withdrawal method.
Submit Request – Review your withdrawal details and submit the request.

Details:Processing Time – Withdrawals typically take a few business days to process.
Fees – There may be fees associated with withdrawals, which vary based on the method used and transaction size.

My Account

Make the most of your Zooe account and learn about our settings and features.

Process Flow:Open app – Click on the app icon to launch Zooe app.
Click Register – Find and select the register option on the home screen.
Fill in Information – Enter the required information such as phone number or email, with the invitation code being optional.
Read & Agree to Terms – Go through the terms of service and mark your agreement.

Process Flow:Log in – Access your account by logging in.
Click on ‘My Assets’ – Navigate to Asset Management.
My Account – Adjust the leverage ratio according to your trading needs and confirm the changes.

Details:Importance – Verification is crucial for ensuring the security of your account and complying with financial regulations.
Benefits – It helps in protecting your account from unauthorized access and enables full access to all trading features.

Opening a wallet and becoming a signal provider requires completing KYC verification first.
Process Flow:
Access the KYC Verification Section – Log in and navigate to the User Center, then click on “Profile”.
Submit for Review – After filling in the relevant information, email verification is required to complete KYC verification.

Process Flow:Submit Documents – After uploading, the verification process begins.
Processing Time – KYC verification can be completed in just one minute.Check Status – You can check the status of your verification by visiting the verification section.
Notification – Once verified, you will receive a notification via email or within the app.